Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Willow Jean Fonua

The Hamilton Family has 12 little ones which we are crazy obsessed with, and now the Fonua Family has it's first!
Presenting Willow Jean Fonua
April 25th 2010

First Time Grandma

The New Family

Excited Uncle Young

Willow came to see me for her newborn photos (and for every photo ever forever!)

She did a really great job and she is so adorable.

Congratulations to Deacon and Leah!
We just love her and are so happy she is in our family. She is so much more expressive and laughing now- more pictures to come always.

Tim, Beth, Mark, Rockwell, Asha, Minxy, Lola, Gabi, Elena, Maya, Axl, Cooper.....and Willow! Thirteen bratkins and counting


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